About Me, Jason Corns

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Like its signature, pervasive mantle of moss, the Pacific Northwest continues to grow on me since I switched coasts in 2011. I find outlet in abundance, codification of all my eclectic interests. With the singular caveat of “as long as you don’t mind getting wet”, my family and I are now thriving in a community abundant in outdoor adventure, clever vacationers, staunch local-eers, and a comfortingly consistent group of ferry (cyclist) commuters.

I enjoy year-round golf with a few foolish friends, and am thrilled by the dynamic backdrops for family-friendly hikes. As a burgeoning PNW Adventurer, I find exactly what I need, in being adventurously close to Snoqualmie Ridge, the Olympic Mountain Range, Port Townsend, and the Pacific Coast. As a life-long mathematician and software engineer, I have stumbled into a mecca for like-minded individuals who are as passionate about their diverse interests as they about the diversity of their interests - and I love every moment of it.

I'm just furniture, to the dogs
I sit like this
Dinner at the Blue Mermaid in San Francisco
I ate at this
Darth Vader statue - all LEGO - in LEGOland, CA.
I had to selfie this
I almost stepped on this little rock-dweller!
I almost stepped on this
Turning unused backyard into comfortable entertainment.
I built this
An amazing sunset over the Pacific - but aren't they all?
I was awed by this
My camera battery died on this series - I wasn't sure I even captured the breach until I charged my battery later!
I almost missed this
Snow, finally, across the sound.  Way to go, 2016.
I stayed up late for this