Jason vs. the CSS Triangle: Seeing My Own Shadow

A few years ago, I stumbled upon the CSS Triangle - a clever abuse of borders to achieve a triangle shape using no images.
Someone famous in Source Title Mar 28, 2013

Jason vs. jealousy – a quick look at the Responsive Redesign of the Boston Globe

A short while ago, the Boston Globe rolled out a redesigned website. To say that it was just redesigned is an understatement, though – the new entity is the result of Responsive Web Design.
Someone famous in Source Title Sep 15, 2011

Jason vs. Semantic CSS - establishing a visual outline in your stylesheet

Let’s move beyond simply linting our code, and delve into creating a visual outline of our CSS.
Someone famous in Source Title Oct 16, 2010

Jason vs. Anchor Tags – Getting Results with the preventDefault method

Someone famous in Source Title May 13, 2010

Jason vs. Page Weight – Accessibility Series, pt. 2

When the topic of Web Accessibility arises, I immediately think of a standard set of keywords: ADA/508 compliance, information architecture, JavaScript, well-formed HTML, ALT text, etc…
Someone famous in Source Title Apr 26, 2010

Jason vs. Accessibility, pt. 1

Usability is finally starting to bubble to the top for Web Designers and Information Architects.
Someone famous in Source Title Apr 13, 2010

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