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Jason Corns | jasoncorns.com

Hello! This is the portfolio of a very witty person.

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Jason vs. Dev-as-Test; Can engineers adopt the role of QA?
In a non-stop, agile, cycle of continuous integration, maintaining production quality becomes a very personal endeavour. Changes to code, environment, or configuration must be made as if they are going straight to production, and this requires an incredibly consistent commitment to detail.
Jason Corns on Sep 21, 2016
Jason vs. the CSS Triangle: Seeing My Own Shadow
A few years ago, I stumbled upon the CSS Triangle - a clever abuse of borders to achieve a triangle shape using no images.
Jason Corns on Mar 28, 2013
Jason vs. jealousy – a quick look at the Responsive Redesign of the Boston Globe
A short while ago, the Boston Globe rolled out a redesigned website. To say that it was just redesigned is an understatement, though – the new entity is the result of Responsive Web Design.
Jason Corns on Sep 15, 2011
Jason vs. Semantic CSS - establishing a visual outline in your stylesheet
Let’s move beyond simply linting our code, and delve into creating a visual outline of our CSS.
Jason Corns on Oct 16, 2010
Jason vs. Anchor Tags – Getting Results with the preventDefault method
In another post, Jason vs. Page Weight – Accessibility Series, pt. 2, I talked about a solving page weight problem I had with a client.
Jason Corns on May 13, 2010
Jason vs. Page Weight – Accessibility Series, pt. 2
When the topic of Web Accessibility arises, I immediately think of a standard set of keywords: ADA/508 compliance, information architecture, JavaScript, well-formed HTML, ALT text, etc…
Jason Corns on Apr 26, 2010
Jason vs. Accessibility, pt. 1
Usability is finally starting to bubble to the top for Web Designers and Information Architects.
Jason Corns on Apr 13, 2010